I am interested in trading either individual items or the full box. Please specify what you're interested in when messaging.

Box includes:

$55 Original Penguin blue necktie with pink floral print

$18 SPREZZA striped pink and white pocket square

$10 Weekend Casual blue socks with white micro dot print

$38 I.M. Man anchor bracelet

$8 Classic black business card holder

$2 Shea Moisture 4-in-1 Wash

$160 Macy's Wine Cellar savings code.

I am looking for neckties, tie clips, pins, cuff links, watches, sunglasses, bracelets and other accessories. I will be more interested in floral, nautical or other pattern as opposed to solid color, argyle or other geometric shapes.

Item value does not include Macy's Wine Cellar credit.

Item value $: 131
Brand name: Various
Product type: Other
Subscription company name: SPREZZABOX
Condition: New