I.M. Man Bracelet

Simple yet quirky stands as this month’s box theme, and we felt empowered enough to take it up a notch and team with I.M. Man in customizing an anchor wrap bracelet! Rarely do our non-staple accessories come in two separate color options as well, but snag either black or brown on your fish hook in preparation for your next nautical work getaway.

Adjust the bracelet’s knots to your liking and rest your wrist palm-down in the middle as the loop end wraps around to the left and is baited to fasten itself to the hook (you will be quizzed). Your newfound capacity to “jewelerize” will shine brightly, whether your shirts are cuffed or sleeveless when carrying your leather briefcase.

Item value $: 38
Brand name: I.M. Man
Product type: Other
Subscription company name: SprezzaBox
Condition: New